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What’s Next

Shortly after his first book was released, Kermite started thinking about his next work. His relatives, friends and co-workers all concurred that if he were to continue to be a successful Author, more works had to be produced. And he agreed. Stating: “Writing, I enjoy, it is my passion and it makes me happy.”

So shortly thereafter, Kermite, familiar with movies and television, and being that he was in that business for over twenty years decided to write a script made for television. A continuation series called: “The Children of Blackburn Academy.”

This fiction work, (which is a turn-around from his first non-fiction work about the Olympics), combines real history with a fictional twist. Very exciting and moving, this series and not true to the norm, will have all viewers sitting on the edge of their seats. Especially when many of us have experienced what Bristow will tell us in his first debut story.

Watch or contact Kermite about this newest work through his web site or in upcoming media events. Also, by typing his first and last name on Google, Kermite Bristow, you can see globally his book being advertised. Including his hometown of Syracuse, New York paying tribute to his Torch bearing and Author success!

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