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Kermite Bristow

Kermite Bristow was born in Syracuse, New York, in 1953.

He is an Olympic Torchbearer and Author for a reason. His seventeen years of many international charity efforts in US and Canada contributed to help him to be recognized by the Olympic Committee. The charities included everything from running in cold subzero upstate winters in February to benefit The American Heart Association, The Red Cross, US Veterans, battered women, A Canadian Children’s Hospital . . .you name it . . . Money was raised in the thousands. Because of this, he was rewarded thereafter to receive this prestigious global honor.

So enthused after carrying the Olympic Torch, in answer to a spectator, “How can you top this?” Kermite said, “Watch me”. He was of course planning to write about the experience and is now a published author of his book, A Torchbearers Salute to 100 Years of Olympic Spirit, describing this event. Furthermore he gave a description of the entire Olympic historic event throughout the ages . . . in perfect rhyme.

Another other side and fact of Kermite is his international modeling/acting career. For over fifteen years, Kermite acted in movies, television, modeled, did print and runway in U.S. and Canada. With the final culmination appearing in the FBI Files television episode of his featured character of Chuck Shuck. The FBI wanted Chuck, a real life bad guy. Discovery Channel aired this in 2001.

Presently his international status doesn’t stop there. No, he did not quit his day job. As, he is one of the original AT&T Operators. Twenty-nine years later, Kermite has handled millions of calls since he started working for AT&T in 1979. He proudly helps the service men and women from Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, as well as receiving and delivering calls to and from others countries and their operators around the globe.

He says he is now happy of his past, present, and now this exciting future, moving towards his new and upcoming literary works profession.


Kermite Bristow

Born 1953 in Syracuse, New York. Currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Won 1st international poetry contest out of Baltimore, Maryland, as awarded by The International Library of Poetry in 2000.

In April 2004, placed in national contest as awarded by The American Poets Society in Baltimore, Maryland.

In December of 2004, sixty-page non-fiction book of rhyme poetry released by Xlibris (Division of Random House).

Book entitled: “A Torchbearer’s Salute to 100 Years of Olympic Spirit”.

Display of two poems in partnership with a Disney Illustrator, was shown at the annual June “Transformation” Exhibition/Auction in New York on June 24-30 th 2004.

Recently was shown on local Jacksonville television commercial, holding his historic Olympic Torch for Saturn Dealership.

Vendor participating in Florida’s Black Expo, Jacksonville, Florida on October 8, 2005.



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