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Speaking and Media

Since his days shortly after Kermite carried the Torch in Virginia, he there visited several local schools encouraging the students to begin thinking about their future and what career goals they may choose to set. Maybe, he said to them, they would become an Olympic Torchbearer themselves one day.

In 2000, Kermite had his international award winning poem, “Children”, published by The International Library of Poetry. This was a collection of America’s newest poets, which also included Kermite’s work. The work was also available to be heard narrated on CD to the tune of beautiful baroque background music. For more information on this beautiful written and musical work, contact: The International Library of Poetry, 1 Poetry Plaza, Owings Mills, MD 21117. PH: (410)-356-2000

Moving forward now in the twenty-first century, let’s now see where Kermite is now. Presently he lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Kermite continues to speak in public and appeared on television there. First, he was present as a vendor at his booth at the 2005 Black Expo. Later be was televised in a Saturn commercial holding his historic Olympic torch.

Around that time, Kermite appeared live on stage on an entertainment/restaurant new establishment for artists and poets, called Boomtown. Ironically he first appeared and recited in their original first new location. Then only to go to the new one, which incidentally was only a few feet away from where he ended up giving his television and latest recital at Jacksonville’s brand new and exquisitely three story new main library.

Year ending 2010 to 2011, Kermite is planning book signing and recital beginning in Atlanta GA, Toronto, ON and Vancouver BC. Vancouver of course being the Canadian site of 2010 winter Olympics. He will also bring the historic 1996 Olympic Torch that he carried, which inspired him to write the book. There after and in-between, those US and Canadian cities wishing to also be included on tour, we welcome bookstores, businesses or individuals (charities also welcome) All can schedule an appearance by e-mailing an appointment at: khbristow@bellsouth.net Or call: (904)-228-4001.

He says the fifteen years of acting, modeling, and doing charity work in US and Canada, along with Looking up his old friends. . . Is, a good thing. It would make a perfect environment for his latest book signing and to possibly meet and greet one of his Canadian heroines, Olympian champion rower, Silken Laumann, who is one of the featured athletes in his book.

Please follow Kermite’s web site as the Olympics draw near.


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